Investment Types

Bank Savings

A traditional method of investment is to hold your hard earned money in a savings account. However due to the fact that savings rates are currently at an all time low of less than 2% combined with an inflation rate 2.5% it is easy to see that this is not currently a profitable investment strategy.



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Bonds provide a fixed income for a set time duration. The bond represents a loan from an investor to a borrower (loans to governments are oficially know as gilts). At the end of the bond date the original sum is paid back to the bond owner and includes the fixed interest payments made by the borrower. Bonds are used as a fund raising mechanism to finance business projects and operations. The owners of these bonds are the creditors of the issuer. Bonds as are typically used to offest a realtively low return rate in exchange for a low element of risk on the captial loaned.

Stocks & Shares

In order to grow and develop, companies need to invest in their businesses. Stock markets provide them with an opportunity to raise money by selling parts of their businesses as shares, also known as ‘equities’. Just like a slice of cake, a ’share’ is exactly that. If you buy one, you own a small part of thaIn order to grow and develop, companies need to invest in their businesses.When you invest your money in the stock market, it has the potential to grow quicker than if you leave it in a savings account, albeit with more risk.

There are two ways that you can make money from shares:

Capital growth
Sell shares for more than you bought them for. The market price of shares fluctuates due to supply and demand, driven by the attractiveness of a company and its performance.

Receive regular payments in the form of dividends, which are your share of company profits.Share prices can change suddenly, for example, due to a company announcement. Shares are therefore more suitable as a medium/long-term investment, since they will have more time to recover from any dips.

It’s a case of balancing risk and reward, for example, small, start-up firms are more risky than larger, more established companies (‘blue chips’), but might offer faster growth. It’s therefore a good idea to set goals and timescales before getting started.


Forex is a short hand term for foreign exchange. Forex or currency trading involves buying and selling positions with a forex broker.

Forex is a global market in which all the world's currencies trade. Forex is the biggest and most liquid trading market in the world, with a daily trading volume that exceeds $5 trillion.

Forex trading can provide exciting and profitable opportunites for the disciplined investor, however depending on strategy forex trading can involve a high level of risk investment so it is important to learn the basics before jumping in head first. Anyone who has ever been abroad has already engaged in forex trading, probably without even realising!

The exchange rate of two currencies is based on supply and demand which in term determines how many euros or dollars you get to the pound whenever you finally get to go on that long deserved vacation. This exchange rate fluctuates constantly, providing an opportunity for profit to be made on the buying and selling of currency pairs.

CFD Service


Crypto currency is a new and exciting technology which can provide some lucrative investment opportunities

There are two main types of traders in the Bitcoin market, long term and short term traders. These groups are determined by the length of time they hold on to thier investments.

Long term traders follow the price trends over a series of months or years whereas short term traders are looking to take adavantage of price shift over a period of days or weeks.

This suggestion is based on the assumption that with increasing use case scenario and more adoption, demand for Bitcoin and its associated technology will increase, thereby creating more demand for the cryptocurrency which will automatically cause an eventual increase in value. Glimpses of this have been observed with the surge in Bitcoin price which coincides with a boost in its market capitalization and volume of trade.

Crypto currency prices have large fluctuations in price which can give large returns on initial investments, however there is the potential for significant looses if the markets take a turn in the opposite direction.

There are now thousands of cryptocurrency variants available to choose from, a selection of some of the most popular crypto currencies are listed below

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CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 80.6% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.